hi! i'm sam.

Some people call me smca. I make things for the internet.

I work at Anthropic, an AI research company. I most recently spent five years at Stripe, one of the world’s most valuable private startups.

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Everyone interested in startups should try clicking this link. What a power move, when merely displaying your live stats is the most impressive marketing you can do.

"One of the few sins you can commit at Stripe is not talking to users. I mean you need to be texting with them. What's the founder's pet's name?"

Every time I watch Stripe handle stuff like this I’m in awe. Tricky situation, frustrated customers no matter what you do, acting in good faith, reasonable decisions across the board, all communicated very well. A lot for all of us to learn from.

"With that level of engagement, he's managed to build a side hustle."