useful things

updated: april 2024


Obsidian: For note taking and publishing to this website.
Cursor: I use Cursor as a replacement for VS Code.


Screen Studio: I'm a big fan of Screen Studio for making screen recordings.
Final Cut Pro: I use Final Cut to edit videos.
Dehancer: I use Dehancer to edit color and add filmic effects.

ai I use Claude as my main AI tool. Come work with me.


MacBook: I use a MacBook Air M2 with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage as my personal laptop.
iPhone I use a base black iPhone 15 with 128 GB of storage.
Sony A7 III: The goat. Used for all of my filmography.
Canon AF35M II: I have bought and broken at least seven of these cameras. Beautiful 38mm f2.8 lens.


Bose QC35 ii: I continue to swear by my Bose headphones. Try to find this older model.
Airpods Pro: Have spent a few years with these now and they're hard to beat. People underrate things that just work every time -- these do.


Silk sleeping mask: Unbelievable sleep upgrade. This is the only mask that I find comfortable (original, no eye contour).
Buckwheat husk pillow: This is a little odd to include but I have a surprisingly good sleep on this. I'm not a fan of overly springy pillows. This is more like a bean bag for your head.